Fragile PackingPacking Solutions for Your Removal

Fragile Packing service

We pack fragiles including Glass and ChinaWith our fragiles packing our operatives will pack glass, crystal, china, crockery, pictures and mirrors utilising specialist packing materials and techiques.

Full Packing service

Packing boxesThe full packing service is as the fragiles packing service with the addition of Everything i.e toys,bed linen, clothes, t.v’s, hi-fi’s etc, being professionally packed into the appropriate containers and clearly marked and iventoried.
Furniture will be blanket wrapped for transit on vehicle.

Export Packing service

Export Packing ServiceOur export packing service is as the full packing service with the addittion of every item of furniture being wrapped in industry standard protective materials. Our operatives are fully trained in export packing techniques and all items are clearly labelled and inventoried.

Purchase Packing Boxes & Materials

If you’re lookig for low cost and durable storage boxes for your possessions, we have cardboard boxes for the storage of many types of items. This includes heavy duty boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes and storage boxes of varying size, shape and strength.
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