Containerised Furniture Storage Nr Kensington

CCTV Data StorageIf your new home is not ready or your plans are undecided you may choose for your household goods to spend some time in storage. If so, everything will be loaded directly into specially designed, numbered storage containers and travel straight to our purpose-built warehouses.

We operate some of the finest and secure furniture storage facilities in Twickenham, Nr Kensington, and anywhere in the country. All our furniture storage warehouses use the containerised storage system to minimise handling and keep your goods clean, dry and secure. Goods are inventoried and at request photograghed too.

Storage charges are chargable weekly. Insurance cover of upto £5,000 per container is included in your weekly price.

On arrival at our Twickenham warehouse, the containers are handled mechanically into their location. Once in position, they are not touched again until the items are required for delivery.

Our Twickenham warehouses also have facilities to handle special items that are inappropriate for containerised storage. Carpets, ladders, motorcycles, cars and caravans all receive individual attention and care.

A purpose built vehicle will arrive outside your property with the container(s) on board. Your furniture and personal items will then be loaded securely in the container.
Containerised Storage

Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding Containerised furniture Storage in Twickenham Nr Kensington please feel free to contact us.

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